Care & Maintenance


The Traditional mats are Made in England.

The mats are made using a eucalyptus hardboard.  It is an FSC Certified wood product. 

All mats are finished with hard wearing lacquer and heat resistant to 100oC (212oF).  The edges of the mats are hand gilded, the mats are flock backed and gift boxed.

The Melamine mats are hard wearing and heat resistant to 150oC (300oF).  Unique curved edge helps to reduce damage in use and prolongs life.  The mats are flock backed and gift boxed.

The Screened mats have a painted base with a silk screened frame line, hand gilded edges and a heat resistant lacquered surface.

The Textured mats are hardboard based with a gilded edge, then they have a very heavyweight textured paper applied and the surface has the heat resistant lacquer.

The veneered surface of the mats are resistant to all reasonable fluids and food stains. Wipe clean with a damp cloth ONLY. Do NOT immerse in water. Stubborn marks can be removed with methylated spirits. 


Melamine is an impregnated paper which is laid over the top of the print (with several other layers of hardboard, papers, etc.) and then it is all put between steel sheets and "cooked" in a steam press until the Melamine melts and becomes one with the surface. When it cools down it hardens into the tough laminated surface. It is not a plastic as such.

The Traditional mats have a hardboard base which is primed and painted, then we silk screen the gold frame lines onto it and apply the print (or not in the case of the Screened mats), and a lacquer is hand sprayed over the surface.

All of the mats are eucalyptus hardboard.